There are over 30 scripts available for Murder Mystery South West.

These are a sample;

   Murder at 'The Park'

Join the secret code breakers in wartime Britain.

The enemy have changed the code system for Enigma.

Several agents have been sent to France to collect the decode captured by the resistance. All have died. Is there a spy at the park?

The latest agent to return lies gravely ill at the Park with a 24 hour guard. Will he recover and deliver the decode?


The United Nations spy network is meeting to appoint a new head of the central european agency.However intelligence reports hint at the possibility that agents of the anarchist spy ring lead by the shady character Thunderballs have already infiltrated the United Nations network.

Who is Thunderballs

A state of high alert is in place and all the attending agents are briefed to be on their guard. (Your guests).

The case of the speckled Egg


Film star Marion Martlett is looking for backers for her latest film venture and has called this evenings party.

Attending are various well known and wealthy guests.

The Police are in attendance to provide security. This seems like an easy task after failing to protect the famous 'Speckled Egg' which was stolen from Barnsworth Bank.

Much to the Detectives dismay Mrs Barnsworth is at this evenings event.


This murder mystery can be played as any era and can also have special detectives in attendance such as Miss Marple or Poirot.


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